Web site production and management



A modern web development team

A lead project manager and skilled web developer, Katin Imes is the founder and director of Digital Reef Services. Katin works with graphic designers, content developers, and your staff to produce the web site that is right for your organization or special project.

Members of the development team are often in different states, and can work as needed on projects. We maintain a full virtual company communications system and project management system. Overhead costs are low and development is streamlined, bringing you high value at attractive project costs.

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Katin has been developing web sites professionally since 1995, the earliest days of the world wide web. Before that, Katin already had a decade of experience as a software engineer for both large-scale database projects and cutting-edge wireless Internet development.

Other Digital Reef team members also have a decade or more of professional experience in their fields.



Our online project management system allows you to view project hours, tasks and status at anytime. You can also request changes and information as needed, anytime, via web site, email or phone.



With fifteen years of experience producing new and specialized web sites for professional associations, online learning, and online communities, we understand your organizations needs and pace. We can bring you highly developed solutions within tight organizational budgets, and work with your staff no matter where they are located.


Empowering Clients

At Digital Reef Services, we believe the clients should be empowered to manage and change their own web sites without being dependent on a webmaster. That's why we use Content Management Systems (CMS) that are Open Source.

Using a Content Management System means that you gain control over your own web site. You can instantly make changes to text and images using simple web forms without disturbing the site design and without having to call your webmaster. You can also use different levels of permission for different departments that allow them to control their own pages. For example, you could enable a department to add certain kinds of content, like their own job postings, or have control over all the content for their portion of the site.

Using an Open Source system means that you have a wide choice of service providers and are never locked into proprietary software, costly services or restrictive licenses. It's your web site, and you should be free to manage it as you see fit.


Environmentally Responsible

Digital Reef Services purchases certified carbon offsets that exceed the carbon footprint of all of our servers, office supplies, office electricity, and business travel. We are doing our part to keep green energy programs in the US growing. We also support a selection of qualified non-profit organizations that focus on world energy and responsible uses of technology.