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Web Site Assessment - $395

Are you wondering about the structure, setup and technologies in use on your web site? Perhaps you are new to the organization and you've just been assigned the task of improving and managing the organization web site.

Where do you begin?

Begin with a web site assessment from Digital Reef Services! Let's get to know each other and see how we work together. Perhaps Digital Reef is the use-as-needed, translate-the-jargon, get-it-done resource that fits just right for getting your organization web site under control!

With the Web Site Assessment package, you get a site analysis & full report, revealing:

  • current technologies in use and what they mean for you & your organization;
  • current process required for changing and updating the pages on your site;
  • options and estimates for updating the site to newer versions or newer technology;
  • security risks and solutions;
  • suitability and options for expanded e-commerce, partner network, and social network linking;
  • options and estimates for adding new desired features;
  • options and estimates for both a theme refresh and a theme redesign.

We translate all the tech jargon into business factors and bottom-line impacts.

The site assessment lets you quickly identify where you are, what paths are open for future expansion, and the estimated costs for various projects and updates. That empowers you to plan the right sequence and direction for making your web site shine and perform as a key component to your business strategy - whether you choose Digital Reef Services as your future web developer or not.

It's a great no-obligation way to get a third-party, impartial analysis of your web site. Contact us today - we'll make it easy!

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Instant Skunkworks / Prototyping Site - $895

A prototyping site is the "what-if" tool for web sites - like spreadsheets function for financial planning. What would it look like if we added x-y-z functionality to our web site? What if we moved this, or changed that on our site? How would it work if we let our users do a-b-c on our site? Or, perhaps you have an idea for a new web site that you'd like to propose to the organization.

Don't just wonder; don't just imagine - let's try it out and see how it looks and how it would work! We set up a mock web site for you on our servers that you can control, adjust, play with, update and change.

  • Try out new ideas quickly;
  • create new web forms and see how they work;
  • build new web pages quickly and easily yourself to test and show;
  • add widgets, sidebar tools, affiliate blocks, test embedded code from partners;
  • try out embedded videos, audio, and ad systems;
  • change the colors, fonts, icons and images in the theme to see & show;
  • our programmers can even quickly add new custom features for you to try out (hourly rates apply; estimates given beforehand).

Show your staff your proposed ideas for changes and new functionality. Gather comments and feedback from your staff, executives and focus groups right on the prototype site!

A prototyping site is a great solution for companies with overloaded IT teams! Shorten the design and implementation cycle dramatically and provide your IT department with a project spec that actually operates! "Make it work this way," you say, and show them the prototype site. The IT team is also entitled to all of the code and services of the prototype site, of course.

The Instant Prototype Site Package includes setup, installation, 80% mock up of current organization web site theme (or the drop-in theme of your choice), six months of hosting, and two hours of staff training on how to edit pages, create new pages and administer site functions. Training can be on-site (travel expenses not included) or in our private virtual classrooms. In most cases, the prototype site can be up and running within 3 business days!

Move ahead rapidly on your web projects, even with an overloaded IT department. Get your own Prototyping site today! Contact Us - we'll make it easy.