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Open Source software platforms such as Drupal (for Content Management Systems) and Moodle or ELMS (for Learning Managment Systems) offer exceptional value, security, support and features. Free to use for both education and business, these systems are multi-million dollar assets that are already in your arsenal of resources!

Digital Reef Services specializes in customizing Open Source systems to your organization's needs. You can deploy sophisticated web services more quickly and for less cost than you ever thought possible.

From social networking systems to membership management systems to online courses, training, and more, Digital Reef Services can bring Open Source development and deployment expertise to your project team. No licensing fees to worry about, and literally thousands of web development houses support Drupal and other Open Source projects everyday, so you aren't locked into Digital Reef Services or any other vendor.

Finally, you can now leverage millions of dollars worth of mature and sophisticated software to maximize project ROI and deploy new systems quickly and efficiently. It's a real competitive edge.


CMS: Drupal is the Chosen Techology for Many

Here are some good examples of organizations that use Drupal as their web platform technology in order to support their needs for robustness, security, management, community interaction and multimedia web presentation to large audiences.

Harvard's OpenScholar system is a packaged, pre-configured Drupal install
Whitehouse.gov chose Drupal for its security and scalability
The Economist magazine
The Onion, a popular and often funny satire site
Fast Company magazine
NBC Universal and this video explains why
National Library of Australia, including the Treasure Explorer site
Maxim Magazine
Warner Brothers Records music and entertainment
Popular Science magazine
Miami.com travel and events
Fox Searchlight Pictures movies and entertainment
MTV UK music and entertainment
Guitar World instruments and sales
...and many others.

And many non-profit and social organizations use Drupal customized by Civic Actions resource and consulting group.

Over a million web sites use Drupal for personal blogs, small company business sites, professional continuing education and digital classrooms and more. You can browse Drupal Showcase to see more web sites that have been built with Drupal. You can also view the top 500+ Drupal sites ranked by Alexia nicely at TopDrops.org.